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dad & judy

Growing up, Mother had dogs in Merigold, MS in the Mississippi Delta and Dad had bird dogs in McCalls Creek in south Mississippi. Like them, I have always had a warm spot for dogs, beginning with my first dog Judy, a black and white toy fox terrier. I still remember the day Dad brought her home when I was six. Judy was very much a part of the family and a great companion to me.

During high school and college we had Suzie, a cute, red dachshund. Dad would have Suzie sit in a back part of the house, then he'd yell "Charge!", and she would come running and sliding through the den for the dinner bowl in the kitchen. She was a big hit at dinner parties.

Flash was my Chesapeake retriever when I lived in Omaha, Nebraska. Not sure about his house manners, I kept Flash in the garage during the day while I worked. One day Flash met me at the front door to the house. Turns out he had chewed a not so small hole through the door to get into the house. At that point Flash and I agreed he was an inside dog.

Tia had a matted coat when Linda Wissen, who is always finding homes for animals, asked me if I could keep a dog that had been running loose. Tia was very shy, but very sweet and after some baths and a few good meals also beautiful. I adopted Tia and we developed a very tight bond that would keep me going through several years of caring for my mother, Maurice, and ailing stepfather, Tom. Tom passed away in November of 2001. The following February Mother moved to assisted living and, a year later, to a nursing home after she broke her hip. She also suffered from Alzheimer's. With Mother needing me to look after her even while in the nursing home, often it was Tia who gave me the strength to keep going. In September 2004 Tia became very ill and was gone a month later. I was not prepared to lose Tia so soon. I miss her
to this day.

In November, Linda invited me to Lemuria Books for a book signing and to attend an adoption event sponsored by the Friends of Jackson, an organization that supports the adoption of dogs from the city pound. Still grieving the loss of Tia, I went with Linda and met Pinkie, a female American Bulldog. I agreed to foster Pinkie not sure I wanted to adopt again so soon, but Pinkie's easy going nature convinced me
that we would be great together and I jumped in. The following February, someone called from mother’s nursing home to let me know that a stray dog had wandered up. I went to look at the thin brindle male who would raise his right paw to everyone who came near. Just looking at this sweet boy with the soulful eyes, I knew I had to keep Ike.

These days, Pinkie and Ike are my best buddies and great companions. Pinkie likes to lie in the sun on her back while Ike prefers to be indoors. Both love to play and ride in the car. Ike is a Southern gentleman, very polite, having completed Phase One training at the Southern Charm School for Dogs. I am thankful that I have Pinkie & Ike and I love them both.


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