Godbold artist

Kate Colson got a call from MARL, the Mississippi Animal Rescue League, that there was a mother dog with 8 puppies that needed a foster home. She had been found at a
Wal-Mart. In the movie Where the Heart Is, the baby born at Wal-Mart was named Americus Nation. Kate figured this was the moma found at Wal-Mart and named her Americus. Kate said, "every puppy had a different color, like a herd of dairy cows". Kate had a very nice space for them in the barn. But on numerous occasions she & Scott were greeted in the morning at their back door by Americus and the pups she had ferried in the night. While originally thinking she would have the pups for 8 weeks, she took them to MARL at 6 because they were so big & active. Having other dogs, Kate did not intend to keep Americus. So she took her to MARL after having her spayed and heartworm treatments, but with her tugging and reluctance, figured she would try this again on a better day. The second time she tried days later, Americus would not go through the door. The third time Americus would not get out of the Suburban. Kate figured that anybody that wants to be with me that bad, has a home. Americus had amazing devotion to Kate and Scott. Anywhere Kate went on the farm, Americus was right behind. Originally a haggard undernourished dog, a beautiful coat appeared wth love and a healthy diet. Her blue eye and yellow/orange eye had a sharp captivating gaze. She would do any thing to be near her friends, Kate & Scott. Americus had a big, big heart and is
greatly missed.



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